MADE has taken the bold initiative in joining one of the worlds largest social media networks! We are now on Facebook! There, we can connect with persons who want to Make A Difference Everywhere, they go!

Our Facebook page is basically where we’ll interact with the young generation as well as the old to keep them updated on the ‘what’s what’! We want to make social media networks a major contributor to the events we plan to carry out during this year. We’ll be very active on our Facebook page as time progresses, because we know everyone who’s anyone has the Facebook app on their phones that are compatible with it, so we know they’ll be checking up on our page once in a while.

On our Facebook page, we plan to keep the public notified on the events we plan to do, some of these include: beach clean ups, park clean ups and other humanitarian activities that can benefit the environment and us the humans who inhabit it!

Well, we can’t go before letting y’all know how you can “Find us on Facebook!” You can find us a bunch of ways, either by doing the following:

  • At the top of each page there’s a “Connect To Us” panel, just click the Facebook icon & it’ll direct you straight to our page.
  • Search “MADE – Making A Difference Everywhere” on Facebook & you’ll see the MADE logo, click it & like the page.
  • Click the link: CARRY ME TO MADE!

Thanks again everyone! By doing this, we know you MADE the decision to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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