First and foremost, we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We all should be blessed & thankful to make it into 2015; another year safe & sound with the blessing of the almighty father God.

Also, not only are we celebrating the New Year, we are also celebrating the FIRST BIRTHDAY OF MADE! Yep, that’s right, MADE turned the big ONE today! Last year, January 1st 2014 MADE was created by the dynamic, creative, enthusiastic Trevis Belle. Trevis Belle, the President of this wonderful organization created the group to raise awareness that many persons are not performing selfless acts because they only care about themselves.

Knowing he cannot do it alone, he rallied some of his closest, ambitious colleagues who also shared the same mindset as him wanting to raise Humanitarian awareness. From this day forward the executive team of MADE was formed.

Below are the executive members of MADE – Making A Difference Everywhere

President – Trevis Belle

Vice President – Kevrone Phipps

Treasurer – Nastassia Johnson

Secretary – Carolynda Welcome

PRO – Christian Nathaniel

These persons work tirelessly to ensure that MADE’s mission is  carried out successfully!

In 2014 we managed to achieve the following:

–          Start a Mentoring Program at the Irish Town Primary School.

–          Visit the St. Christopher Children Home.

–          Beach Clean Up.

–          Distribute Christmas Gift Baskets to the McKnight Community.

–          Become a charitable organization for the SIDF REACH Scholarship Program.


We are very much proud of ourselves for the things we have accomplished in our first year of establishment and we will only BETTER ourselves for the upcoming year. We are set to take about 50 students as a part of the REACH Program and we intend to accept more persons as a part of our prestigious group.

In 2015 we would like to partake in the following activities:

–          Visits to the elderly homes in St. Kitts & Nevis.

–          Visits to the St. Christopher Children Home.

–          Distribution of gift baskets to elderly persons.

–          Start help centers in the primary schools located in the Basseterre region.

–          Start our very own SUMMER CAMP (July).

–          Beach & Park Clean Ups.

–          Community Beautification Projects.

–          Expand the group to Nevis.


Trust and believe that we will be working tirelessly to achieve all our listed goals. We also would like to thank our sponsors Williams Architectural and KVK Enterprises for their outstanding help in 2014; we cannot express our thanks enough.

With that being said, thank you to everyone who have been apart of the journey so far, we appreciate the love and support you’ve given us, trust that we will continue to make you proud and give thanks in everything you do!

Remember you “MADE the decision to make a difference everywhere!”

With peace & love,

MADE Team.

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