In celebration of MADE’s ANTI BULLYING CAMPAIGN, members visited the Dr. William Connor Primary School as well as the Beach Allen Primary to interact with the students and find out what they think Bullying means.

While at the schools MADE Members spoke about the effect of bullying, types of bullying, what bullying can lead to and how to spot a bully also what to do if they feel someone is being bullied. The reception from the students on the topic was quite resounding as many of them had an idea of what bullying is and said they see friends getting bullied all the time and always intervene to prevent it. WOOHOO! GO MADE Members!!

MADE’s First Annual Anti Bullying Campaign was held under the theme” Bullying is wrong, words have meaning. Stop the hurt people have feelings.” This theme was submitted to us by MADE Member – Imani Phipps. Untitled-1

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