MADE Trinidad & Tobago has arrive & is ready to take the twin republic by storm! These determine young adults are bounded on making a difference within Trinidad & Tobago! They are very excited and anxious to start getting their plans underway & start making a difference in someone’s life.

This group came about when the Trinidadian volunteers from Marti Expeditions Summer Program were very impressed with what MADE Founder – Trevis Belle was doing in St. Kitts, so inspired that they wanted to extend his branch to their twin republic. After receiving the get-go, August 10th saw the launch of MADE TNT.

We are very happy to have them aboard of our team! Welcome MADE Trinidad.

If you live in Trinidad/Tobago & would like to be involved in MADE TNT, you can send us a message here on our Facebook or you can send an email of inquiry to: | ALSO follow MADE TNT on Instagram: @Made_TNT15!

GREAT THINGS ARE COMING FROM MADE! Remember “We made the decision, to make a difference everywhere!” One country at a time. Thanks for the overwhelming support & praises. This is only the beginning.

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