Our MADE boys returned home safely after a two week adventure in the beautiful island of St. Lucia. While in St. Lucia persons from Trinidad & Tobago were also apart of the program so we had Kittitians & Trinidadians in the place so you know it was Sugar & Soca de place was real tun’over!

Throughout the two weeks the group assisted with helping at the Blind Welfare Association (painting the walls which took 10 years and a couple months – not really but it was really long), we also assisted with the running of a Blind Cricket Tournament which included different Caribbean islands (Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago), we even got to interview some of the players, it was real amazing to see!

We also visited the Folk Center & learned more about Lucian history. We managed to assist at an Abuse Free Camp of Kids (Drug Abuse, Verbal, Physical, Sexual). We played games with the kids and interacted with them, etc. We also visited elderly homes where some of us managed to learn Patois even though it was extremely hard!!

Of course we had to experience all the lavishes that St. Lucia had to offer so we visited numerous beaches including the famous one at Pigeon Point! We even saw the sulphur springs in Soufriere and also experienced the mud baths! We also had fun assisting with the Holy Family Children’s Home with their annual luncheon which was extremely successful! We also planted some crops at their home which they were so thankful for. Everynight we would cook our own dinners and they were lovely!

Check out some photos from our trip below.

(Photos compliment Marti Expeditions).

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