Trevis Belle is currently in Busan, South Korea representing the federation at  the UNESCO APECEIU (Asia-Pacific Center of Education for International Understanding) 2nd Youth Leadership Workshop on Global Citizenship Education which focuses on achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 – Quality Education which draws specific attention on the importance of fostering global citizenship. 

The workshop will be held from July 11th – July 16th at Busan University of Foreign Studies. 50 young people from around the world have been selected to attend this workshop and the main objectives they will be hoping to achieve at the end are: To enable youth leaders in education to gain a common understanding of GCED and its key priority areas to achieve SDG 4.7, To provide a forum for participating youth leaders to elaborate leadership strategies suitable 
for the implementation of GCED in national and regional levels and to strengthen a network of youth leaders to advance GCED.

“To be selected to attend a workshop of this caliber with other young people who are championing the fight for global and quality education is amazing. I will definitely be paying keen attention to the different sessions and as usual, post daily updates and engage in conversations with persons on social media about what was discussed to hear their point of views on the variety of topics.” said Trevis. 

In 2015, Trevis’ non-profit organization MADE St. Kitts launched its mentoring program at the Irish Town Primary School. Then in 2015 as a part of the REACH Program at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College students were given the opportunity to volunteer as a mentor at 1 of 4 primary schools that were under this mentoring program initiative: Tucker Clarke Primary, Irish Town Primary, Beach Allen Primary and the Dr. William Connor Primary. 


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