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Do you want you or your child to be branded based on where you grew up? No? Neither did Trevis. Do you want the opportunity to get a good paying job be snatched away from you based on the address you include on your resume? No? Neither did Kevrone. Do you want anytime someone asks for an example of a ‘bad community’ in St. Kitts, they point out McKnight? No? Neither did Imani.

In 2013 it started as an idea but on January 5th 2014, Trevis Belle made it a reality. This reality being MADE St. Kitts (Making A Difference Everywhere). Tired of his community being tarnished and marginalized by others, he decided that he wanted to dismantle the negative stereotypes that were associated with his community of McKnight.

As a respected youth leader, avid volunteer and youth activist, not only in McKnight but St. Kitts at large – Trevis decided to combine these passions and create an organization that embodies them to carry out a big but achievable goal.

Proudly, in the short time that MADE St. Kitts has been active, we have been able to engage and empower youth of McKnight and St. Kitts through volunteerism education which assists with their personal and professional development. We have been recognized locally, regionally and internationally!

The proof of our success can be seen as MADE has now expanded to 4 other countries namely: Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Grenada and London and boasts a collective membership of over 100 youths and young adults.

We appreciate the support whether it be kind words, financial, manpower from the community, businesses and other organizations as we truly believe teamwork does make the dream work!

MADE is working:

  • To promote recreational activities, mutual support and joint aid among our members.
  • To establish a regional network of MADE Youth Groups across the Caribbean.
  • To strengthen the voluntary and community sector, build bridges with other sectors, and influence local and national policy;
  • To support local voluntary action by local people, working in partnership with other support organizations and with the public and private sectors.
  • To ensure that all youth are afforded quality educations, and have access to programs to succeed in their academic life – high school and beyond.


MADE St. Kitts mission is to bring together and foster a strong understanding about volunteering amongst young people from the diverse communities across St. Kitts which aids in their personal development by creating training, developing and mentoring opportunities.


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