MADE Against Bullying!


Homicides, Suicides, Depression, Anger, Hurt. These are things that develop because of bullying. How can we stop this? How can we ensure our young people are no longer victims to this terrible social issue? I got it – Raise awareness about it, then put in action!

That is exactly what MADE is focused on. We have taken the initiative to ensure young people of St. Kitts do not succumb or are exposed to this social issue that is plaguing the world.

Through various methods and activities, we took the approach to ensure maximum awareness about Bullying is raised through our #MADEAgainstBullying Campaign held in March 2015 & March 2016.

In March 2015, we launched our first Anti Bullying Campaign under the theme: “Bullying is wrong, words have meaning. Stop the hurt, people have feelings.” This was a submission from the general public. We decided to visit two Primary schools, the Beach Allen Primary School and the Dr. William Connor Primary School. At the schools, we spoke to the children about Bullying, some topics discussed were: What is bullying? How it affects you? What to do if you’re being bullied. The response was good and the campaign was well effective!

In March 2016 – we decided to take the campaign to Social Media! We had different persons post Facebook status, Tweets and Messages with uplifting and motivating stuff to encourage those who are being bullied to speak up and to let those who are bullies stop it. Our theme for 2016 was “Take a stand, be a friend! Let’s put bullying to an end!” The response was welcoming and the impact increased from that of 2015.

For the upcoming years, we tend to rework and redesign our campaign strategies to impact even more persons and collaborate with other organizations.

(Below are pictures & videos from our 2015 & 2016 campaign respectively.)

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Video from our 2016 Campaign: