MADE Youth Ambassador Programme

The MADE Youth Ambassador Program seeks to empower, motivate, inspire and develop young people to become positive role models amongst their peers and within their society. Within this program, the Ambassadors would engage in different training sessions and workshops to ensure they are given ample resources, skills and tools to not only develop themselves but increase their reach to ensure the level of their impact is felt more. Ambassadors will serve for TWO (2) years and throughout their tenure, we expect them to leave the program learning something new from whence they entered.

We present to you the 2016 – 2018 MADE Youth Ambassadors. Top Row (L-R): Sharry, Zubaidah, Vikell, Kiandre, Amanda, Chrishelle. Middle Row (L-R): Darriyon, Samara, Earlyca, Lyreek, Kadyl, Tibenna. Bottom Row (L-R): Saneill, Yusuf, Brandon, Rhona.

Roles and Duties of Ambassadors

The following are the roles and duties of MADE Youth Ambassadors:

  • To conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly manner whenever they are public.
  • To be actively engaged in the community.
  • To serve truthfully and responsibly for the duration of their term.
  • To serve as a link between the community and the organization.
  • To act as a recruiter and get other young people interested in joining the organization.
  • To spread awareness in regards to what the organization is doing.
  • Serve as the ‘face’ of the organization in their promotions and campaigns.


We look forward to working and putting on amazing projects with our ambassadors, look out!